Saltbox Shed Plans

These 8' wide x 12' long saltbox shed plans will help you build a nice storage shed that has the following features:

saltbox shed plans
Build this 8x12 storage shed
with these saltbox shed plans

  • 96 Sq. Ft. of storage space
  • Treated wood floor with 12" on center floor joists.
  • Floor rests on 3- 4x4 treated skids which are solidly attached to 4 concrete footers (optional)
  • 5' double doors
  • Plans for installing a 2'x2' window
  • Plans for a storage bench
  • Vented soffits
  • 2 materials lists - one for building your shed with, the other to use when ordering materials for your shed. 
  • Roof trusses which you pre-fab with fastener plates.
  • These plans are designed with using engineered smart lap pre-primed siding, but you can use any siding of your choice.
  • Some storage area in ceiling area.

What is a saltbox shed anyway

and why would you want plans to build one?

saltbox shed plans

As you can see by the roof profile, a saltbox shed does not have a standard symetrical roof.  The front side of the roof is shorter to the peak, while the back of the roof is longer from the peak back.  Is there an advantage to this style?  I can't think of one other than that it makes for a shed with a little more character.

A saltbox shed is a little more difficult to build as opposed to a gable shed or barn style shed.  I am sure though that if you put your mind to it and have some building skills, this will be a great shed building project for you and your family.

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The saltbox shed plans - building guide - materials list, are 30 pages in length and are in pdf format.

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Have fun building your new storage shed..

Please send me pictures when you're done building your saltbox shed!


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