Chicken Coop Plans

Build your Chickens a nice chicken coop

Chicken coop plans, chicken coop construction, and chicken coop designs.

Chicken Coop Designs

Want some neat ideas for chicken coop construction?

Check out these neat chicken coop designs from visitors to the site from all around the globe.

Chicken coop designs

The most important aspect about chicken coop construction is providing a coop for your precious chickens that predators cannot get into. There is nothing more heartbreaking then going out to your chicken coop and seeing a bunch of dead chickens and chicks after a devastating attack from racoons or huge rats, or even black snakes.

What can you do to prevent a devastating attack from chicken predators? Build a good chicken coop that is constructed so that nothing can get into it. I know, because I have been building chicken coops and raising ch chickens for 6 years.

The following shed plans are great for chicken coop construction.

They will provide you with a chicken coop that is easy to clean out, sturdy, and predator proof.

The cost for download is only $5.95, and you can start building your chicken coop tomorrow.

Building a chicken coop has never been easier!

chicken coop plans
This Gable shed makes a
great chicken coop

Read more about this chicken coop plan/gable shed plan.

chicken coop plans
Saltbox shed plans for
building your chicken coop.

Buy now for $5.95 with the Paypal link below and download instantly so you can start building today.

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